Industrial water discharge and careless human activities are polluting our water and affecting our daily lives. Greenpeace is going to take you to the journey of "Hope & Pain" in December, with a series of stunning photos of water pollution by three famous photographers.

Everyone will have a chance to be a part of the exhibition online. To participate, take a water themed photo, tag it with #gpwater and share to Steply! You will receive an Steply Special item that shows your support to the campaign. (full details at the bottom of the page).

Show the special item to our staff in the exhibition, and you will receive a Greenpeace t-shirt as a reward to your support.

Show your support for clean water!


How to show your support for Clean Water


Step 1:

Download Steply.


Step 2:

Snap a water-themed photo.


Step 3:

Share it on Steply with #gpwater in the description.


Step 4:

Receive the item. Let your friends know about this cause!


The Exhibition

Hope Through Your Lens